Sex, safety, and growing up online

Let’s face it, when talking to kids about sex, the traditional birds and bees discussion just doesn’t cut it today. We help parents, kids and mental health professionals navigate behavior and sexuality in our digital and physical worlds by providing tools to help us grow up, together.

What we do

The digital birds and bees takes a look at online platforms and digital well-being to help mental health professionals, parents and kids understand the risks and benefits of sexual education on the internet.

Risks of the three “A”s anonymity, autonomy & accessibility

People can often feel a lack of restraint when communicating online in comparison to communicating in-person due to the lack of physical feedback. Disinhibition can lead to other behavior issues. Here are 10 questions to ask to find out if this risk may be a threat to your clients.

Mental Health Professionals

We have comprehensive solutions to foster awareness and change

Digital tour guide

Build trust by putting them in the driver seat with this inquiry based exercise.

Having the talk

It's going to be awkward, but we're going to all feel pretty good once it gets done.

Digital Journal

Identify seemingly unimportant decisions that can lead to high risk scenarios.

Digital dictionary

Learn about digital risky behavior, sex and more in this online dictionary.

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Colorado Information Analysis Center

Colorado Preventing Targeted Violence (CO-PTV) Community Forum: Aurora

This event provides community members with information on targeted violence, the risk factors and drivers of targeted violence, how to report concerning behavior and resources for prevention. A panel of local and federal law enforcement representatives, behavior health experts and community organizations will discuss their work in the area of preventing targeted violence and field questions from members of the community